About us

An agency dedicated to the cultural projectscarre_mosaique


AP’Culture assists both institutional and private organizations in the start-up and follow-up of their architectural projects. Culture, cultural heritage and tourism are our specific fields of knowledge and skill. As architectural programmers, space planners and customer assistants, it is our mission to follow the project through all its stages, always approaching issues of both content and container together, so that the customer’s requirements are always met.

Our role can best be described as “project support”, as this definition brings together the various aspects of the tasks to be accomplished, from the first idea to the final expression of the project.

In order to implement global project dynamics, our activities combine an interdisciplinary approach and deeper insights through specific expertise, so as to constantly check that the meaning and consistency of the proposed solutions corresponds to the needs and objectives expressed by the customer.

Our fields of Expertise

AP’Culture offers specific services in :

» Assistance to curatorial and scientific programs, concept definition and enhancement, strategic placement of the project ;

» Visitor studies, with both quantitative and qualitative aspects ;

» Development of original interpretive tools and media strategies ;

» Museography and design programs ;

» Architectural and landscape programs (technical and financial approach included) ;

» Heritage consulting.

AP’Culture matches specialized consultants up to each of the projects based on content.



AP’Culture Maghreb — branch of AP’Culture — has just been created. AP’Culture is used to work in Maghreb for years.

Two offices have been created : one in Morocco, one in Tunisia.

Salma Lahlou joins our team and becomes the representative of AP’Culture Maghreb in Morocco.