Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen

Architect – Urban planner – Architecture, feasibility and architecture programming

Lisa Nguyen has a double academic background, in architecture and urban studies. This dual curriculum is characterized by a strong concern for preservation and enhancement of architectural heritage in the world, in particular with works in China and India. She works on architectural and urban aspects of AP Culture’s projects.

During her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture at ENSA Paris-Val de Seine, she completed several internships that gave her the opportunity of being trained on transformation of existing structures from different angles: project design at Officina agency; assistance to local authorities at CAUE de Maine-et-Loire; and in research field at Centre de Recherche sur l’Habitat.

She continued to investigate this topic with her graduation project, focused on reconversion and enhancement of Hanyang Steel historic industrial site in Wuhan, China.

Lisa then entered a master’s degree program at Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris, allowing her to get a refined understanding of stakes in urban and architectural design. She did in this context a long-term research internship in Pondicherry French Institute, in India, of what one main topic was the enhancement of built and urban heritage of the city for tourism development.

Joining AP’Culture as a project manager in early 2020, Lisa brings her plural perspective to the work approach of the agency.