Bechir Souid

Béchir Souid

Founder, Head of AP’Culture

Architect and museum planner

Rhita El Hajraoui

Architect – Project manager

Architecture, feasibility and architecture programming

Marguerite Héliot


Interpretative planning

Salma Lahlou


Representative and operation manager
of AP’Culture Maghreb in Morocco



An important partnership with ASK 

Stéphanie Likès is now head of ASK, Preventive conservation company and continues to work with AP’Culture in close links.


In addition to our knowledge and know-how, we collaborate with some experts in various fields depending on the needs of the studies.

AP’culture is also a circle of expert associates, sharing culture, common objectives and the satisfaction of the people we work with ( elected officials, project leaders, visitors, users, institutional partners and others).

We often work with :

>> Denis Vevaud — building cost engineer — Parica
>> Eric Anjeaux — information system consultant Six & Dix
>> Thierry Guignard — scenographer
>> Stéphane Durand — tourism consultant — Kanopée/Horwath HTL 
>> Frédéric Rose —  multimédia development consultant —Anamnesia

Partners list